Returns & Exchanges

Product Exchange or Return:

Devon-Aire contracts with retailers across the country to both sell our line and handle return issues that may arise.  Any product you have questions or concerns should be addressed to the original seller of the item as soon as possible.  Our authorized retailers are able quite knowledgeable and will be able to help you determine the heart of the issue and the best solution for your individual concerns.  Please reach out to them as soon as you have any question.  They will be happy to help.


We offer a limited warranty against defects in materials or manufacturing for up to one year from date of purchase with “normal wear and proper care”. (conditions of the sale may affect this warranty) All returns must be made to the place of purchase for review – original receipt required. Warranty does not apply to second hand or after market purchases. Items subject to abusive wear and tear or modifications made to the footwear will void warranty.

  • Leather boots proper care includes regular cleaning with a good quality leather polish.
  • Synthetic boots can be wiped off with a damp cloth.  Synthetic leather boots are water repellent but not water-proof. It is not recommended to submerse footwear in water. Water damage may occur voiding the warranty.
  • ALL boots and shoes should be thoroughly dried between uses to avoid damage to the materials. All zippers should be brushed clean of all dirt and debris and lubricated with paraffin wax to keep them functioning smoothly.


We offer a limited warranty against defects in materials or manufacturing of up to six months from the date of purchase with normal wear and proper care. (conditions of the sale may affect this warranty)  All returns must be made to the place of purchase for review - original receipt required.  Care for each of our clothing items is printed on the care label inside every item of Devon-Aire clothing.  If you are uncertain about the care procedures please contact Devon-Aire for instructions before attempting to clean.  Modifications and alterations made to the garment may void the warranty.

  • Dry Clean  -  certain coats or jackets require professional Dry Cleaners care and are labeled as Dry Clean ONLY.
  • Washing  - After reading the care label you may be directed to  Hand Wash.  Some recommend Machine Wash on Gentle Cycle. Please follow the directions for your specific purchase.
  • Some instructions are universal for every washable item.  Always use a MILD Detergent – NEVER BLEACH.  This helps to keep your product looking its best for as long as possible.  We do not recommend stain removers without careful testing as bleaching can occur.
  • **JOD Elastics must be removed from the jodhpur breech and washed separately by hand as the dye may bleed if included in the regular laundry.**
  • Drying – The best results will be from hanging to drip dry.  Some labels advise Gentle Cycle on the dryer but ONLY if instructed.  Do not use high heat as shrinkage may occur.


Helpful Hints

Read the specific care label on your clothing before attempting to clean your product.

Always keep your receipt in case of questions for returns or warranty matters.